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Did you know that you can still come to the Library for assistance--online, that is?! Staff are providing chat information services M-F, during the hours of 10-5. You can ask us for help with downloading e-materials (books! audiobooks! movies!! magazines!!!), using some of our online databases (care to delve into the Sanborn maps, anyone?), finding up-to-date reliable information about Covid, or really, anything you find tickling your brain. 

For instance, I'm getting ready to staff the chat from 1-5 today, and on Wednesdays from 1-5 for the next two weeks...some of my work-related and personal interests are local history, mystery/thriller books, nonfiction history, travel guides, and cats. Yes, cats. So, if any of you out there are really just sitting around wondering what unique web-based, free local history resources I like to use, come chat with me! Want to know what mysteries are at the top of my list right now, or how to find recommendations on what to read next? Give me a holler! Interested in finding out what types of cat beds my cats like or don't like? You know where to come! Want some non-traditional travel books to get you ready to hit the road again, once we can? I've got some favorites.

Basically...if you have questions, ICPL still has answers. We're here for now, operators are standing by! 

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1.A friend is willing to share her playlist from itunes she downloaded onto her iphone. However, I have an android phone. Is there anyway to transfer what she has downloaded from itunes to my phone or put on a flashdrive?
2. I have participated in a zoom mtg that someone else set up. I want to do a zoom mtg with family. They & I have downloaded the app but how do u get the mtg info to click on to send them which mtg?

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Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your questions! If you need some assistance with itunes or zoom, we'd be happy to try and help you. You can contact our Info Services staff Monday-Friday, from 10-6, and that would be the best way to assist you. You can find our contact information here:

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