Holiday recycling

Jane Wilch, the Iowa City Recycling Coordinator, put out a great list of ideas today for reducing landfill waste over the holiday season. Some of these ideas can easily be adapted for ICPL-goers as well!

  • Be creative with gift wrapping

We have a wide variety of things on our Free Shelf area on the 2nd floor that can be reused as wrapping materials. Head to the east side of the building and look for the last row of the Comics area for some unique upcycled wrapping paper ideas like: old maps, advertisements, magazines, damaged books, etc...  If you're looking for inspiration for making a unique card to go with a gift certificate, try some of the handicraft greeting cards and paper work craft books found here on the 2nd floor.

  • Use reusable bags when shopping

ICPL has two different branded reusable bags for purchase at the Help Desk on the 1st floor, these would work great as gift bags (especially if you filled them with books).

  • Shop secondhand

The Book End always has interesting lightly used books, DVDs, and CDs available for purchase. This is a frugal way to shop for your friends and relatives!

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One of the most popular presents I've ever given (and, I've done it several times with several people) is a library canvas bag full of books from The Book End -- when people are getting five or six books they don't even care if they've already read one or two!-- with a nice ribbon (reused of course, I save almost all of the ribbon). Viola, shopping done.

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