ICPL Spring Houseplant Swap - It's Time To Take The Cuttings!

Do you have houseplants that are outgrowing their pots?  Or plants putting out lots of babies?  Here's your opportunity to find great new homes for your your pups or divisions! 

ICPL's Spring Houseplant Swap is taking place Saturday morning, April 13, which means now is a great time to take some cuttings and get them rooting. 

Each person who attends the swap may bring up to 5 potted plants or rooted cuttings to the swap (no fresh cuttings please). You'll get one ticket for each plant that entitles you to one new-to-you plant to take home.  Plant drop off starts at 10am, and the Swap will begin at 11:00.  Just FYI - at last Fall's swap, all the plants were gone in 16 minutes!  For more details see the Library Calendar listing for this event


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