Keep Track of Your Library Reads

Always wanted to keep track of what you borrowed from the Iowa City Public Library? There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on what you are borrowing.

Reading History in Library Account

If you are checking out print books, DVDs, compact discs, or anything that is in a physical state, turn on your Reading History in your account. Turning on this option will save everything you check out from ICPL as long as we have it in the collection.

To opt in to Reading History, you must login to your Library Account. Click on Reading History and Click on Save Reading History.
Opting in to Reading History

You can manage this list and delete items you no longer wish to reference. You can opt out of the Reading History option at any time. To stop saving your reading history, delete all the records and click Opt out.

eBooks and eAudio in OverDrive

If you are checking out and downloading eBooks and eAudio from ICPL, OverDrive has two ways of keeping track of your reading history. If you are using the Overdrive website, you can find this information by clicking on "My Account" and then choose "History." There will be a list of everything you've borrowed from OverDrive and the dates that you checked them out. OverDrive's reading history is very new, so your list might only begin in October of 2017.

This shows the History view on the OverDrive website with a list of a few titles and the dates they were borrowed
The History view on the OverDrive website

OverDrive automatically keeps track of your reading history--this is an opt-out service, which means if you don't want to keep this information, you have to turn it off yourself. To do this, go to your settings and uncheck the box next to "History."

Opt out of saving your reading history in OverDrive in your Settings
Opt out of saving your reading history in OverDrive in your Settings

Because this feature is pretty new, you may wish to add books that you've already read to your reading history. To do this, search for a book on the OverDrive website. Under the action buttons, "Place a Hold" and "Read a Sample," there is the option to "Add to History." Click on this option and the site will add it to your reading history. The date field in your history will indicate the date you added it to the reading history list; there is no way to indicate the day you read it.

To add a title to your history in OverDrive, click on the "Add to History" button next to the book cover.
Add a title to your history in OverDrive

Reading List in Libby

The OverDrive app, Libby, works a little different than the website. Your reading history isn't really just a list of the books you've borrowed, but a list of activities you've completed in the app, including what you've borrowed, what you've returned, and what you placed a hold on. You can find this list by tapping on "Shelf" at the bottom. Then tap on "Activity." Like the OverDrive website, Libby automatically captures this data, so if you would prefer the app not to, tap on the three dots inside of a circle at the top of your list and choose "Disable Activity Recording." You can also "Clear Timeline" to remove any prior information.

Activity List in Libby app by OverDrive
Activity List in Libby app by OverDrive

If you have the Activity timeline activated, Libby also tells you your history with a book right at the title level.  When you click on a title to check out, place a hold, or read more about it, a borrowing history section is available underneath the action items.  If you turn off the Activity Recording and clear your timeline, this information goes away.

Borrowing history at the title level in Libby app by OverDrive
Borrowing history at the title level in Libby app by OverDrive

RBdigital Magazines

When you borrow a magazine through RBdigital, ICPL's digital magazine provider, there is no due date. You keep it on your RBdigital account or in the app until you no longer want it--your magazine list is your reading list. To remove a magazine from your account, click on the trash can icon on the bottom right hand corner under the magazine cover you wish to delete. In the app, the delete option is the "X" on the top right hand corner of the magazine cover. However, if you delete an issue, there is no reading list for a a back up.

Click on the trash can icon underneath the magazine cover on the website or the "X" in the top right hand corner on the app to delete an issue from your RBdigital account
Deleting an issue from RBdigital--use the trash can icon on the website and the "X" in the app

Need help? Contact us at 356-5200 or through email or chat. You can also drop in to our Tech Help hours on Monday/Wednesday 10:00am to noon and Tuesday from noon to 4:00pm. Happy reading!


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