Shark Week - It's Jawsome!


The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, a week-long series of television programs, was developed to raise awareness and respect for sharks.

This annual event is broadcast late each summer in more than 72 countries around the world.

Wednesday night, August 7,  join us in Meeting Room A at 7:00 p.m. for a screening of JAWS the 1975 film that made a generation afraid to go into the water.

Want to make your week even more sharktastic?  Check out the Shark Week display on the 2nd floor!   Some of the things you'll find:

Encyclopedia of Sharks by Steve Parker.  A richly illustrated and fact-filled reference on the world's species of sharks.


Shark, by Dean Crawford.  Over the last 100 million years, sharks have evolved into more than 350 different species.  Why are we so fascinated with them?


The shark watcher's handbook: a guide to sharks and where to see them, by Mark Carwardine and Ken Watterson.   Everything you need to know about sharks and shark watching: the history, techniques, risks and controversies, including history and biology and the many threats facing sharks.


Shark : in peril in the sea, by David Owen.   The shark has been the planet's dominant predator for millions of years. But in just 50 years all sharks have become threatened by human activity; victims of a deadly combination of overfishing, pollution, and the destruction of their habitats.



The Shark Almanac by Thomas B. Allen    Sharks have a reputation of being the most feared creatures of the sea, and in this Allen discusses the myths and facts about sharks - and shows that they aren't as deadly as they seem.


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