Singing the Lost and Found Blues

There's never a dull day at Iowa City Public Library and our Lost and Found area often serves up a bit of entertainment and pondering about the story of items left behind at the Library. Recently this guitar was left at the Library as well as the cool shades Mr. Bear is wearing [see photo]. If they are yours, please claim them at the Library's Help Desk on the first floor.

Items left at the Library are sent to the Help Desk and sorted into various bins to help with retrieval. The most popular things left at the Library include cell phones, hats, mittens, and backpacks. We are always happy when we reunite a list item with the owner, but more often than not we send left items to Goodwill or the Iowa City Police Department if the item has significant value. Lost Library Cards have a stop put on the account and are mailed back to the owner. Mailed Library Cards must be reactivated at the Help Desk or by calling the Library during regular business hours at 319-356-5200.

For lost cell phones, if the phone is not locked we look through the address book for an entry called, "Mom" or "Dad" and give them a call. If the phone is locked, we wait for a call. If we are able to answer the phone, we're able to tell the caller where to retrieve their phone.

Often we get sets of keys turned in that are found away from the Library. Because there's an ICPL Library Card keytag attached, the keys are sent here for return to the owner. That's always a nice phone call and a strong sense of relief at the other end of the phone when we report a lost item has been found (note - this is another reason to make sure the Library has your current phone number and contact information!).

If you've spent time in the Library recently and are missing something, please stop by the Help Desk and check in our Lost and Found.


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