Small Details Make a Difference for eBooks/Audiobooks

Sometimes some small details can make a big difference in how you experience something, especially if it saves time. Here are some small things you can do in Libby, our app for OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks that make reading (or listening) even easier.

Get right to what you want by changing your search preferences

By clicking the plus sign, you can change how your search results are filtered and sorted. See only what is available to check out or only titles geared towards a specific audience. Or change to have Libby sort by what’s most popular, by title or author, or by release date.

Changing search preferences in Libby.

Like to know where you are or how much you have left to go?

One of the things I love about a book, a real bounded, paper book, is looking at the number of pages in my left hand versus the number in my right. It is satisfying as the pages transfer from one hand to the other. With audiobooks (or eBooks), this sort of translates to the percentage completed. To find out where you are in a book in the Libby app, tap on the time left or the page numbers above the timeline. For eBooks, it will show the pages left in the chapter. Another tap will give you the percentage of the total book completed. The audiobook will give you these options, but in time.

Change how you see your progress in an eBook or audiobook

Want to read the next book in a series?

You can find series information pretty easily now in Libby. Searching the series name will bring up results that indicate a series search. You can search for a series and the results will come up…in order! And each book in the series will indicate what number it is in the series in the book details, as well as the other titles in the series—and the order to read them in.

Find series in Libby through search results and book details


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The series labeling is my favorite part of Libby so far - a game changer! It makes it so much easier to find the next book in a series.

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