Votes Are In for the 2018 Children's Choice Award!

Throughout the month of March, ICPL's young patrons in kindergarten through 6th grade cast their votes for the 2018 Children's Choice Award.  Thumbnail

The Children's Choice Award is the only national literary award given completely by children - children in select schools across the country choose the finalists in preliminary voting, after which all kids are invited to make their voice heard in selecting the best book for children published during the previous year.

143 votes were cast, and the winners, in each age category, were tabulated today. The breakdown:

K-2nd grade 

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=0545880157&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Billy Bloo is Stuck in Goo by Jennifer Hamburg; illustrated by Ross Burach - 14 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781452144016&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Pete With No Pants, written and illustrated by Rowboat Watkins - 14 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9780316434416&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Books That Drive Kids Crazy: Did You Take the B from my _ook?, written and illustrated by Beck and Matt Stanton - 11 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9780399550614&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  This Book Will Not be Fun by Cirocco Dunlap; illustrated by Olivier Tallec - 10 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9780763658281&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Poor Louie, written and illustrated by Tony Fucile - 7 votes

3rd-4th grade

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781633222953&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  50 Wacky Things Animals Do by Tricia Martineau Wagner; illustrated by Carles Ballesteros - 18 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=1590789369&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Thunder Underground by Jane Yolen; illustrated by Josee Masse - 10 votes 

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9780763680947&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets by Kwame Alexander; illustrated by Ekua Holmes - 7 votes 

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9780060277093&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Frederick Douglass: The Lion Who Wrote History by Walter Dean Myers; illustrated by Floyd Cooper - 6 votes 

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781939547347&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=625.7092  Manjhi Moves a Mountain by Nancy Churnin; illustrated by Danny Popovici - 3 votes

5th-6th grade

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781580897853&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Malala by Raphaelle Frier; illustrated by Aurelia Fronty - 18 votes 

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9780399557552&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  The Losers Club by Andrew Clements -14 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781338037722&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  This is Just a Test by Wendy Wan-Long Shang and Madelyn Rosenberg - 3 votes

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781419722967&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Finding Mighty by Sheela Chari - 1 vote

Binary Data home?image_size=thumb&isxn=9781250135650&lang=eng&service=BibImage&suite=beta&suite_code=beta&upc=  Disaster Diaries: Spiders! by R. McGeddon - 0 votes

ICPL's votes have now been officially submitted to Every Child a Reader, the organization that administers the Children's Choice Award as well as other national literacy initiatives. When the winners are announced on May 7, ICPL's patrons will have had a hand in selecting them!

The good news is, it's not too late to vote! Individual kids can vote up to May 6 (instantly and without entering any personal information) by visiting



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