Want to read a good book? Want to talk about books you like??

If you said 'yes' to either of those questions, then I'm glad you're here! ICPL has a wealth of book-related events coming up in the next couple months. In fact, almost every Tuesday evening into August, we've got a book discussion going on via Zoom, and we want you to join us!

First up, our 'Let's Talk Books' series begins on June 2. This series invites people to talk and learn about books in various genres, starting with 'horror.' Maybe this genre is your go-to, maybe you dabble, maybe you'd never read horror books! but you really want to learn more and ask some questions for a friend...no matter, all are welcome! Get registered now!, and take a look at the list of discussions to see what other genres we're going to be delving into.

The following Tuesday, June 9, we have our next B.Y.O.Book event (normally we'd be meeting in a bar, but you'll have to make do for now!). Join us to read and discuss Say Nothing: a true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland, by Patrick Keefe. Keefe recounts a heinous crime perpetrated against the young mother of several children, taking place during The Troubles of Northern Ireland, and in an atmosphere of fear, anxiety, and all-around distress that still has repercussions today. It's an immensely engaging blend of mystery, history, and socio-political commentary. 

We have both eaudio and ebook versions in Overdrive. Right now, there is unlimited downloading of the ebook version, so get your copy now, and then sign up for the book discussion!

Looking ahead, here's another to put on your calendar: our book discussion of Erik Larson's newest book, The Splendid and the Vile, on Tuesday, June 30. Larson has already proven himself a master at taking a historical event and bringing it back to life, combining meticulous research with his ability to put the big picture into perspective, to create a most engaging narrative. His latest is no different, bringing an immediacy to the events of WWII just prior to, and during, Hitler's bombing of London. For all those who say they have no interest in reading a Churchill biography, I say give this one a try. We've got the eaudio and ebook, and we're allowing unlimited downloads of the ebook for this title as well. Check one out, sign up for the program!

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