The Bookmobile is on break - Where are my Holds?

Summer is nearly here - The thermometers are creeping up, school is winding down, and the 2018 Winter/Spring Bookmobile schedule has wrapped up. The 2018 Summer Bookmobile schedule begins Monday, June 4th and runs through Friday, August 17th. Next week, May 28 through June 1, the Bookmobile is out of service for a seasonal service break. If you had holds you were expecting to pick up on the Bookmobile, those items are currently available at the Downtown Library building. Simply ask at the Help Desk for help finding these materials. All holds that have been requested to be delivered to the Bookmobile have also been extended to give folks a chance to pick them up during our first week of service. If you are unsure about when or where you can find an item you placed on hold, call the Library at 319-356-5200.

In the past, Bookmobile Holds have been available on the Bookmobile during our days of regular service as well as at the Downtown Library building over weekends. Weekend pickups were not often utilized, so beginning in our 2018 Summer schedule period Holds that have been requested to be delivered to the Bookmobile will only be available on the Bookmobile. The only time Bookmobile Holds will be available at the Downtown Library building will be during seasonal service breaks such as this upcoming week.

Be sure to visit Little Bear on the Bookmobile when we are back in action! Until then, Little Bear has plenty of books to keep him busy.

If you haven't looked at the Bookmobile's 2018 Summer schedule yet, take a moment to find the stop that will work best for your schedule.  Now is a great time (or really, anytime is a great time) to place some holds to be picked up on the Bookmobile during the upcoming Summer schedule period. We look forward to seeing you on the road!


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