Tenderheart : a cookbook about vegetables and unbreakable family bonds book cover

Tenderheart : a cookbook about vegetables and unbreakable family bonds

Hetty McKinnon

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Cookbooks, Nonfiction

"From the acclaimed author of To Asia, With Love, a loving homage to her father, a Chinese immigrant in Australia, told in 150 flavorful, vegetarian recipes. Heritage and food have always been linked for Hetty McKinnon. Growing up as part of a Chinese family in Australia, McKinnon formed a deep appreciation for her bi-cultural identity, and for her father, who moved to Sydney as a teenager and learned English by selling bananas at a local market. As he brought home crates full of produce after work, McKinnon learned about the beauty and versatility of fruits and vegetables. Tenderheart is the happy outcome of McKinnon's love of vegetables. From Miso Mushroom Ragu with Oven-Baked Polenta to Celery and Vermicelli Spring Rolls and Sweet Potato and Black Sesame Marble Cake, Tenderheart features 21 essential fruits and vegetables that become the basis for 150 recipes. A tender tribute to her father and his experience as an immigrant, McKinnon explores how food connects us to our loved ones, even when they are no longer with us - and gives us the tools to make recipes that are healthful, economical, and bursting with flavor"--

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I picked up this gorgeous cookbook on the Bookmobile and couldn't stop staring at the front cover, so knew I'd be taking it after my shift. This is a book about love; love of family and love of cooking. The two interweave beautifully in the recipe illustrations and the photo album snap shots. The author's love and respect for her father and mother and the sacrifices they made are evident in every recipe. I loved how each chapter was a shout out to a new vegetable or root. Many of the recipes had similar experiences so the book is practical, too. I have tried several recipes already and can't wait to serve up more! -Victoria

Mayumu : Filipino American desserts remixed book cover

Mayumu : Filipino American desserts remixed

Balingit, Abi, author.

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"A sweet baking book of fantastically imaginative remixed Filipinx American dessert recipes, plus stories of the Filipinx American experience by baker-activist, Abi Balingit When the pandemic started her lonely work-from-home life in 2020, Abi channeled all her energy into the one thing that brought her joy: baking. She started to produce Pasalubong boxes filled with novel treats that blended the Filipino and Asian flavors Abi grew up with and her favorite Western style baked goods, each time selling out within hours and donating the proceeds to support her community in need. Now, Abi shares these cult-favorite desserts with Mayumu (which means "sweet" in one of the 8 major languages in Philippines), an incredibly fresh baking book of 75 recipes for sweet treats, organized in chapters tied to where she discovered these flavors growing up as child of immigrants in a cultural melting pot, from the Philippines, to all around California, to her now home Brooklyn, NY. And she bakes all of these in her tiny, dimly lit, urban kitchen, meaning anyone can do it, too"--

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I've been following The Dusky Kitchen on Instagram for a while now, and I love her Filipino-American takes on classic Filipino dishes! Living away from my family in an area with limited Filipino cuisine has been hard, but this cookbook has helped bring a little more of home back into my kitchen as I now make a weekly batch of pandesal to have for breakfast everyday. I appreciate her recommendations for specific ingredient brands as well as different methods to make harder-to-find ingredients like ube halaya from scratch. I have yet to try the more interesting recipes like Kare Kare Cookies or Adobo Chocolate Chip Cookies! -Annie

Bowls & broths : build a bowl of flavour from scratch, with dumplings, noodles and more book cover

Bowls & broths : build a bowl of flavour from scratch, with dumplings, noodles and more

Pippa Middlehurst

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"Bowls & Broths is a super-fresh collection of broth-based recipes that will teach you how to season, layer and create versatile and exciting dishes from scratch"--Publisher's description.

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You know when it's bad but broth often underappreciated in a good meal. Pretty much everything in here: noodles, dumplings, ramen, etc. -Mykle

Fake meat : real food for vegan appetites book cover

Fake meat : real food for vegan appetites

Isa Chandra Moskowitz

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Nonfiction, Cookbooks

Demonstrates how to make vegan meats at home in a collection of 125 recipes sure to satisfy every kind of meat craving, from fried chicken to pepperjack cheese steaks.

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DIY Fake Meat? Yes, please! I'm a big fan of Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Her vegan restaurant, Modern Love Omaha, is on my list of must-visits each time I'm in the city. I even like to stay at the hotel within walking distance to the place, and have been known to get takeout from there two nights in a row. (Her chickpea chick'n cutlet is my husband's favorite.) This book holds the secret to some of those delicious dishes. I can't wait to make my own seitan again! -Melody

More Mediterranean : 225+ new plant-forward recipes endless inspiration for eating well book cover

More Mediterranean : 225+ new plant-forward recipes endless inspiration for eating well

America's Test Kitchen

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In this follow-up to the bestselling The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, America's Test Kitchen opens the Mediterranean pantry wide open. ... The book is organized to emphasize the joy of the Mediterranean diet as a nourishing, sustainable lifestyle. Build your plate around both small- and entrée-size recipes in chapters covering Mostly Plants; Mainly Grains and Beans; and Meat, Fish, Eggs, and More. An impressive Whole Romanesco with Berbere and Tahini Sauce is a brilliant vegetable dinner. A Spiced Chickpea Gyro (with heat from Asian chili-garlic sauce and pepperoncini) wows fans of the Greek meat-filled sandwich. Carrot Salad with Rose Harissa is a beautiful accompaniment to a number of meals, from Lentils with Roasted Broccoli and Lemony Bread Crumbs to Tofu Kebabs. Fish and meat mingle with lively accompaniments in restaurant-quality dishes like Pan Seared Swordfish with Persimmon-Ginger Chutney and Grilled Short Ribs with Preserved Lemon-Almond Sauce.

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America's Test Kitchen publishes some of the best cookbooks, in my humble opinion. The recipes are literally tested by chefs before earning a space on these pages. This is a great cookbook for those who want plant-heavy meals with meat on the side. -Melody

My Pokémon cookbook : delicious recipes inspired by Pikachu and friends book cover

My Pokémon cookbook : delicious recipes inspired by Pikachu and friends

Victoria Rosenthal

j641.5 Pokemon
Cookbooks, Kids

Explore culinary delights from across the Pokémon universe in this official cookbook. Featuring favorite flavors from every region, dive into dishes that celebrate the world of Pokémon and fuel up for your next battle! Perfect for fans of all ages, My Pokémon Cookbook is the perfect addition to any Pokémon Trainer's kitchen. --

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Do I play the Pokémon trading card game? Nope! Have I played the videogames? Nope! Do I watch the show? Not in 25 years or so! Do I love this cookbook? YUP! The first recipe is a Pokémon Poke Bowl, which is both clever and delicious. I found the recipes in this book both irresistibly adorable and delicious, and I think some of the Pokémon are so cute! Look out for an entire week of Pokémon programming the first week of 2023!! -Mari

Vegan Africa : plant-based recipes from Ethiopia to Senegal book cover

Vegan Africa : plant-based recipes from Ethiopia to Senegal

Marie Kacouchia

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Drawing from the cultures and traditions of more than 15 countries, years of cooking expertise, and cherished memories from her own childhood on the Ivory Coast, Marie Kacouchia takes us on a tour of flavorful, healthy, naturally plant-based African dishes. Explore over 70 irresistible recipes for main courses, rice dishes, sauces, snacks, desserts, and drinks. Vegan Africa guides you through diverse vegan cuisine from Ghana to Ethiopia, from Nigeria to South Africa. Kacouchia also shines a spotlight on the superfoods—like cacao, garlic, ginger, and sweet potato—that make these recipes both mouthwatering and packed with vital nutrients. Whether you’re a newcomer to African cuisine or looking to make familiar favorites, Vegan Africa will help you bring healthful, delicious dishes to your kitchen.

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Desperately seeking Ethiopian food! Iowa City is an Ethiopian restaurant desert, and I've been craving Kik Alicha Wot (stewed split peas), Gomen (tangy collards), and Tikil Gomen (carrots and cabbage) something fierce now for months. I haven't been cooking a lot due to time constraints and a cluttered kitchen and have been daydreaming about going to an Ethiopian restaurant. When googling it, the closest place I can find is in Davenport. Guess I have to make time to cook it myself! This is the cookbook I'll be starting with. -Melody

Downshiftology healthy meal prep : 100+ make-ahead recipes and quick-assembly meals book cover

Downshiftology healthy meal prep : 100+ make-ahead recipes and quick-assembly meals

Lisa Bryan

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"When Lisa Bryan began meal prepping several years ago, she quickly became bored eating leftovers and was wasting food. At the same time, she realized she needed to 'downshift' the accelerated pace of her life. Seeking balance, she made dietary changes, eating more vegetables and simple proteins, while eliminating gluten (she has celiac disease), processed foods, and reducing refined sugar. Then she flipped the script on meal prep by focusing on individual ingredients. On a whim, she posted a video to YouTube which went viral and she realized how many people were out there, just like her, who wanted a fresh approach to meal planning. By prepping a handful of ingredients at the start of the week--such as flaked salmon, zucchini noodles, peas, prosciutto, soft-boiled eggs, and roasted veggies--and then mixing and matching them throughout the week, she found that she could enjoy a variety of meals and snacks (Creamy Salmon Zoodles, Peas and Prosciutto with Jammy Eggs, and Strawberries, Avocado, and Arugula Salad) without getting fatigued. Lisa's debut cookbook is packed with 100 simple and ingenious, big-batch recipes that can either be frozen or repurposed into delicious meals without resembling leftovers. A dinner of light coconut chickpea curry with rice can be enjoyed the next day atop a tortilla for a crispy tostada at lunch, or as a chickpea shakshuka for breakfast. All of the recipes are gluten-free, low in refined sugar; many are naturally anti-inflammatory, and dairy is minimal and optional. Lisa's approachable method for eating well and preparing meals with ease will inspire home cooks to downshift, too--at least when it comes to making healthy meals without a fuss"--

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ICPL has lots of meal prep books, but the visuals in this book helps it stand apart from the rest. Whether you want to meal prep to stick to a budget, eat healthy, or satisfy your personal dietary requirements, this book is a great place to start. And if this one is checked out, find other meal prep books on the 2nd floor at 641.555. -Melody

Disney princess tea parties book cover

Disney princess tea parties

Caron, Sarah W., author.

j641.53 Disney Princess
Nonfiction, Cookbooks

"Teatime has never been so magical with this charming cookbook featuring over 50 kid-friendly and easy-to-follow recipes inspired by the Disney Princesses. From tasty cookies and biscuits to delicious herbal teas, Disney Princess Tea Parties Cookbook includes many Disney-themed treats for the ultimate tea party."--Amazon.

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Royaltea, anyone? Kids will enjoy the fun recipes and nods to favorite Disney Princesses in this one. -Casey

The vegetarian flavor bible : the essential guide to culinary creativity with vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and more, based on the wisdom of leading American chefs book cover

The vegetarian flavor bible : the essential guide to culinary creativity with vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and more, based on the wisdom of leading American chefs

Karen Page

641.5636 /Page

"Throughout time, people have chosen to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet for a variety of reasons, from ethics to economy to personal and planetary well-being. Experts now suggest a new reason for doing so: maximizing flavor - which is too often masked by meat-based stocks or butter and cream. The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is an essential guide to culinary creativity, based on insights from dozens of leading American chefs, representing such acclaimed restaurants as Crossroads and M.A.K.E. in Los Angeles; Candle 79, Dirt Candy, and Kajitsu in New York City, Green Zebra in Chicago, Greens and Millennium in San Francisco, Natural Selection and Portobello in Portland, Plum Bistro in Seattle, and Vedge in Philadelphia,"

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Anyone find cooking from a recipe takes twice as long as just throwing things together? Karen Page's line of Flavor Bibles provides comprehensive reference guides that allow home cooks to let their creativity shine. I might not have ever cooked with kabocha squash before, but the Vegetarian Flavor Bible recommends all the cooking methods, times, and spice combos to set me up for success. I can use this book and whatever I have in the house to whip up something delicious. The other day I had delicata squash, red potatoes, onions, and a pepper, and used her recommended spices to make one tongue-pleasing dish. Highly recommended way to cook! -Melody