Brave the snow knowing where to go

This weekend, meteorologists predict we'll see one to three inches of snow followed by temperatures only inhabitants of the Yukon territory should experience. With a forecast such as this, you need to know the best routes so you can complete all of your weekend responsibilities, whether you are working or getting all of your errands out of the way. And it doesn't help that we seem to be getting snow every weekend! You do not want to get stuck, not when the warmest socks and the warmest boots will not do. So what roads are your best bet?

The City of Iowa City provides an overview on how they prioritize plowing (bus routes and major arterial streets come first), when they decide to plow or sand the roads, and a map showing where your street falls in the ranking system. If you prefer, there is also a 30-second video from City Channel 4 describing snow removal rankings. Have a question about city plowing? Check out the City's Snow Plowing FAQ page, which answers questions from what type of truck the City uses to plow cul-de-sacs to how snow is removed from the downtown business area.

Be safe and stay warm out there.

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