Five Things You Can Do With Your Library Card Right at Home

In honor of September, National Library Card Sign-Up Month, here are five ways you can make the most of your ICPL Library card, right at home:

Try digital audiobooks on your smartphone or device today using OverDrive Listen up—You’re busy. Whether it’s work or school, caring for others or commuting, chores or exercising, there isn’t always time in your life to snuggle up with a book. Why not give audiobooks a try and listen to a book wherever you are? ICPL has thousands of audiobooks to choose from, whether you are in the mood for a heart-pounding thriller or an in-depth history. And OverDrive’s new app, Libby makes listening super easy.

Distraction Reading—If getting into that in-depth history—or even that heart-pounding thriller—isn’t in the cards right now, there is nothing like a magazine to give you the short distraction you need. With your Library card, you can read over 175 magazines right now, from Glamour to The New Yorker to Us Weekly, all for free. Try the new RBDigital app today (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire).

Learn a Language—Want to strengthen your French skills? Traveling to Japan? Always wanted to learn a second (or third) language. Then Mango Languages is for you. Mango offers interactive lessons in over 70 different languages, including English. With the Mango Languages app, you can take your lessons with you and track your progress. Learning a new language may be hard, but finding great resources to help is just a Library card away.

Buy with Confidence—When making a big purchase, you want to make sure you are buying the right thing for the right price. That’s why you need Consumer Reports. They do all the work for you, testing everything that is out there to determine the best of the best. And you save so much time in not having to read all of the reviews on the seller’s website from people you do not know. With your ICPL library card, you have access to everything on the Consumer Reports website (all the reviews, all the buying guides, all the videos) for free. Now, that’s a good deal.

Burn the midnight oil—Studying for the GRE, SAT, or ACT? Perhaps you are taking the TOEFL soon? Looking to prepare for a certification exam? We can help you. With Learning Express, you have access to practice tests, tutorials, and eBooks to help you prepare for your next life step, whether career or college. Even if you want to brush up on your writing, math, or computer abilities, Learning Express has a number of tutorials to fine-tune your skills.

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