New Picture Books--September 2022

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Berry song

Michaela Goade

Picture Books, Read Woke, Nature, Poetry

As a young Tlingit girl collects wild berries over the seasons, she sings with her Grandmother as she learns to speak to the land and listen when the land speaks back.

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Lyrical and visually stunning, Berry Song is a picture book for all seasons.
- Casey

Peanut gets fed up

Wulfekotte, Dana, author.

jE Wulfekot

"Peanut the stuffed penguin does everything with Pearl--napping and playing but also getting drooled on and dragged around. One day, Peanut has had enough. What happens when a stuffed animal ventures out on its own?"--

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Readers with a beloved stuffed friend will love this title about a worn out penguin.
- Casey

Forever home : a dog and boy love story

Cole, Henry, 1955- author, illustrator.

jE Cole

Told in two voices, a boy who wants a dog more than anything and an abandoned dog looking for a forever home find each other.

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Another beautiful wordless picture book by Henry Cole! "Adopt if you can, and share your life with a pet who longs for a forever home."
- Casey

If your babysitter is a bruja

Siqueira, Ana, author.

jE Siqueira

"If you get a new babysitter, and it's almost Halloween, be wary...for she might just be a bruja!"--

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Watch out for brujas as we get closer to Halloween! If you happen see one check out If your Babysitter is a Bruja and be sure to follow all the steps within.
- Casey

The legend of Iron Purl

Tao Nyeu

jE Nyeu
Picture Books, Crafts, Humor, Mystery

Armed with a pair of knitting needles and her trusty ball of yarn, mysterious hero Iron Purl must use her knitting superpowers to defeat her nemesis, Bandit Bob, who causes mischief and mayhem wherever he goes.

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Yarn crafting caregivers will delight in Tao Nyeu's hilarious and adorable The Legend of Iron Purl.
- Casey

Don't worry, Murray

Stein, David Ezra, author, illustrator.

jE Stein
Picture Books

"Murray worries...about lots of things. He doesn't want to go out in the rain. He's scared of the barking dogs at the park. Fireworks make him jump. But gradually he learns that he can put on a raincoat. He can make new friends. He can be brave."--Front jacket flap.

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Don't Worry Murray serves as a lovely reminder about trying new things and tomorrow being a new day.
- Casey

Music is a rainbow

Collier, Bryan, author, illustrator.

jE Collier

After a tragedy a young boy discovers a connection between music and colors that helps guide him and gives him comfort in times of darkness.

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Bryan Collier's latest title is beautiful and touching. The author's note is particularly illuminating regarding Collier's inspiration for Music is a Rainbow.
- Casey

To make

Davis, Danielle, 1978- author.

jE Davis

"A stunning picture book ode to the joys of the creative process and the spirit of collaboration. This lyrical story from Danielle Davis and Mags DeRoma is perfect for fans of Kevin Henkes, Gyo Fujikawa, and Julie Fogliano. To make ... a cake, a garden, a song, you first gather, then make--and wait. To make a story (like this one), you gather, make, wait. To make anything--big or small--it will take some time. You may have to gather more, make more, and wait a little more, but you can create wonderful things if you just gather, make, and wait. This gorgeous, timeless book gently emphasizes patience as part of the making process and is a fitting book for all homes, classrooms, and makerspaces everywhere."--Provided by publisher

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Dedicated to Gyo Fujikawa, this beautiful picture book reminds us to slow down and enjoy the process of gathering, making, waiting.
- Casey

The more you give

Campbell, Marcy, author.

jE Campbell

"A modern-day response to The Giving Tree, this lyrical picture book shows how family love is passed down from generation to generation"--

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This story about intergenerational love and the passage of time is gorgeous!
- Casey

How old is Mr. Tortoise?

Petty, Dev, author.

jE Petty

It's Mr. Tortoise's birthday and time for cake. But how many candles does the cake need? Mr. Tortoise doesn't remember how old he is so he and the partygoers try various ways to figure his age before they have the cake.

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Mr. Tortoise and I have the same birthday wish!
- Casey

House finds a home

Duffield, Katy, author.

jE Duffield

House has always loved the people inside. When they move out, House's halls grow quiet, his windows dark. He hopes with all his shingles that there will be other inhabitants and joys to discover. As generations pass, House experiences new people and traditions and learns that love can come in many forms.

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House Finds a Home stands out among a chorus of picture books from the perspective of a family home. Jen Corace's elegant illustrations elevate the text, drawing attention to the changing neighborhood, and how love looks different and similar in each family.
- Casey