Picture Book Nonfiction--2024 Edition

Here is another list of brand new picture book nonfiction!

If you want to ride a horse

Novesky, Amy, author.

jE Novesky
Nonfiction, Picture Books

"A whimsical guide through the steps of riding a horse, whether the horse is real or lives in the imagination"--

user image

I LOVE this book! It's a bit too long for a read-aloud at storytime, but would make a wonderful lap-sit or solo reading adventure for horse riding minded littles. Be sure to check out the secret cover!
- Casey

Why do elephants have big ears? : questions--and surprising answers--about animals

Jenkins, Steve, 1952-2021, author.

j590 Jenkins

"Strange, exciting, and interesting facts explore the wonderful world of animals"--

One day this tree will fall

Barnard Booth, Leslie, author.

jE Barnardb
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Nature

A tree's life story is told from its beginnings as a seed to its survival in the wilderness until it finally falls, but continues its life as a log, an animal habitat, and finally decomposes to provide nutrition for future trees.

user image

One Day This Tree Will Fall is a beautiful and fun read-aloud! It's a great large size for sharing in classrooms and storytime settings too!
- Casey

The noisy puddle : a vernal pool through the seasons

Sweeney, Linda Booth, 1963- author.

jE Sweeney

"In this poetic picture book, two curious siblings observe the hidden world of a vernal pool: a special kind of puddle habitat that pops up in the spring, dries up by summer, reappears in the fall, freezes over in the winter -- only to come back again in the spring. "

Cicada symphony

Fliess, Sue, author.

j595.752 Fliess
Picture Books, Nature, Nonfiction

"There are about three thousand different kinds of cicadas but only the males make the sound we know. Some cicadas appear every year but other kinds only show up every seventeen years, but no one knows why. And there can be trillions of them! Interesting facts and a rhythmic, rhyming verse combine with colorful illustrations to portray one of the most fascinating insects in the world"--

user image

Watch for this one in the BookWalk at Willowcreek park during cicada symphony season!
- Casey

Log life

Hevron, Amy, author, illustrator.

j577.3 Hevron

"A nonfiction picture book that's all about the tiny world of nurse log habitats. Nurse logs are tiny ecosystems with hundreds of rare and important life forms. When old trees fall to the forest floor, they can take centuries to decompose, helping all sorts of organism for hundreds of years. They provide nutrients for tree seedlings, hideaways for small animals, shelters for the winter, and protection from the elements"--

The Great Lakes : our freshwater treasure

Rosenstock, Barb, author.

j977 Rosenstock
Nonfiction, Picture Books, Nature

"A picture book about the five largest lakes in North America - how they formed, the importance of these waters, and how they've become a national treasure"--

user image

As a Lake Michigan dunes native, I approve!
- Casey

Habitats : a journey in nature

Pang, Hannah, author.

j577 Pang
Nonfiction, Picture Books, Nature

"Nature is like a magical journey that transforms with every step...Interactive split pages create an immersive experience that allows readers to take a visual journey through each unique home as they meet the incredible animals that live there"--

user image

This is a beautiful nonfiction, seek and find, picture book!
- Casey

Arborama : the marvelous world of trees

Voisard, Lisa, 1992- author, illustrator.

j582.16 Voisard
Nonfiction, Picture Books, Nature

"Learn how to identify the most important North American trees. Along the way, you'll explore how trees reproduce and grow into the largest plants on earth, how they make our life possible, and what we can do to save them. Be astounded by the marvelous world of trees all around you!"--

user image

This book would be a wonderful gift!
- Casey

Listen to the birds

Kroodsma, Donald E., author.

j598.097 Kroodsma
Nonfiction, Picture Books

"Discover North America's birds and their varied and beautiful songs with this informative, brightly illustrated picture book and its easy-to-use app. Hold a phone with the paired app up to the art and watch--and listen--as the birds spring to life and sing. From the woods of the East to the deserts and plains of the West, and common species such as cardinals and robins to lesser-known birds such as the Western Wood-Pewee and the Black-Headed Grosbeak, ornithologist Donald Kroodsma showcases his unparalleled knowledge of each bird's songs and calls, behavior, and habitat. ."--

user image

This book has an accompanying app to hear all the bird songs featured making for a great and beautiful resource for young birders.
- Casey


Simler, Isabelle, author, illustrator.

jE Simler

"Twenty-seven poems look inside the dwellings of animals like elf owls, cathedral termites, Sumatran orangutans, and foam-nest tree frogs"--

user image

These poems have the perfect amount of information for younger readers and the illustrations sparkle, especially under black light!
- Casey

The river that flows beside me

Guillain, Charlotte, author.

j577.64 Guillain

"A vibrant, richly illustrated concertina book that takes the reader on a journey down the river, from the source high up in the mountains all the way to the sea, venturing down surging waterfalls and past meandering turns, whilst exploring the remarkable relationship between humans, animals, nature and rivers"--

Something about the sky

Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964, author.

jE Carson

An antidote to "get your head out of the clouds," this art-meets-science tribute to curiosity and wonder is a gift for daydreamers and nature lovers of all ages.

user image

This new collaboration between Rachel Carson and Nikki McClure is stunning!
- Casey