Listen: Stream Libby Audiobooks to Smart Speakers

Stream Audiobooks to Smart Speaker
Stream audiobooks to your smart speaker! Bluetooth streaming symbol by Google Inc. Google Home image in the public domain.

Everyone I talk to knows how much I love listening to audiobooks whenever I'm doing housework. Up until recently, I thought I could only use apps approved by the maker of my smart speaker. I knew I could cast but didn't have my devices paired in the right way in order to make the audio from *any* app stream through my speaker. I now have my smartphone paired to my speaker and I'm never looking back.

Why didn't I google this sooner? The instructions for pairing a device up with an Echo smart speaker are on the Help site. Basically, you make sure Bluetooth is turned on on the device you want to pair and you say "Pair" within range of the speaker. Then you can play whatever audio you want like it was any old Bluetooth speaker.

The Google Home Help site has instructions for pairing an Android phone to the Google Home, but what about an iPhone? They do have general instructions for playing music via Bluetooth that also works for audiobooks.

CNET has put together a how-to video to guide Apple users through the process.

You won't be able to verbally direct the smart speaker to play what you want it to play, but using your device like a remote is the next best thing.



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Awesome. So happy it will help!

What a great post, Melody! I love listening to my Libby Audiobooks on my Echo while I cook dinner. I get so much reading done, but I am free to look at recipes online on my phone while the books continue to play though the Echo speaker. So convenient!

I know! Why didn't I figure this out sooner??

Mornings just became easier. Thanks Melody!

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