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Cori Doerrfeld

jE Doerrfel
Picture Books, Kids, Nature

Finn is in a bad mood, so his grandfather takes him on a walk in the forest, and tells him about all the things that are beneath the surface of plants and animals--and even people.

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Beneath this cover is a touching story about recognizing what we cannot see in our world and in one another. Cori Doerrfeld's illustrations and prose make for an emotional yet healing read. Readers will be rewarded by spending some time with the endsheets and exploring what lies beneath the dust jacket as well. -Casey

Nobody likes a goblin book cover

Nobody likes a goblin

Ben Hatke

jE Hatke
Picture Books

When adventurers take everything in his dungeon, including his only friend, Goblin sets out to get his friend Skeleton back.

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This book was a lot of fun to read to my 3 year old. -Heidi K

The real Dada Mother Goose : a treasury of complete nonsense book cover

The real Dada Mother Goose : a treasury of complete nonsense

Jon Scieszka

jE Scieszka
Classics, Humor, Picture Books, Kids

"The classic nursery rhymes we know and love--upside-down, backward, in gibberish, and fresh out of bounds--as only Jon Scieszka could stage them. Mother knows best, but sometimes a little nonsense wins the day. Inspired by Dadaism's rejection of reason and rational thinking, and in cahoots with Blanche Fisher Wright's The Real Mother Goose, this anthology of absurdity unravels the fabric of classic nursery rhymes and stitches them back together (or not quite together) in every clever way possible."

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The Real Dada Mother Goose is a delight! Anyone well versed in Mother Goose owes this one a perusal. -Casey

One winter up north book cover

One winter up north

John Owens

jE Owens
Picture Books, Kids

"In winter the Boundary Waters, way up north in Minnesota, is not the same place you canoed last summer--but still it beckons and welcomes you. Grab a pack, strap on snowshoes, make a path (Oh! they take some getting used to!), and venture out across the frozen lakes and through the snowy woods. The vast wintery world here is so still and quiet, you might think you're all alone--but no! Who made these tracks? A deer? A hare? A fox? And far off there's a musher, making tracks with his sled dogs. It's a magical place. The bright sun brilliant on the snow, the sparkling silence--wait, is that a wolf calling? Try to answer! And when the dark descends, the stars and pine trees holding up the night, your nose gets cold and it's back to camp, to your warm winter tent, where Father feeds the stove with wood you gathered, Mother snuggles into her big sleeping bag, and you curl up in the fire's glow and know that in your dreams and memories you will return again and again to this one winter up north."--Provided by publisher.

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Create some cozy winter feelings with this wordless picture book depicting a family's adventures snowshoeing and camping in the Superior National Forest in winter. Beautiful winter landscapes are depicted in sweeping, gentle watercolors. -Anne W

Seen and unseen : what Toyo Miyatake, Dorothea Lange, and Ansel Adams' photographs reveal about the Japanese American incarceration book cover

Seen and unseen : what Toyo Miyatake, Dorothea Lange, and Ansel Adams' photographs reveal about the Japanese American incarceration

Elizabeth Partridge

j940.547273 Partridge
Nonfiction, Literary Nonfiction, Picture Books, History, Art / Art History

"Legendary photographers Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake, and Ansel Adams all photographed the Japanese American incarceration, but with different approaches and different results. This nonfiction picture book for middle-grade readers examines the Japanese-American incarceration and the complexity of documenting it through the work of these three photographers"--

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Seen and Unseen is a must-read. An incredible marriage of photography, literary nonfiction, scrapbooking, illustration, survivor stories, and US History, Partridge and Tamaki use various media to bring Japanese American incarceration to light. This is suggested reading for all families, middle-graders, young adults, and adults, especially those interested in or affected by WWII. Seen and Unseen would be a great gift as well! -Casey

Two dogs on a trike book cover

Two dogs on a trike

Gabrielle Snyder

jE Snyder
Picture Books

"When the gate is left open, one dog escapes the yard for an adventure on tricycles, trolleys, and trains. This hilarious story counts up to ten and back down again as more pups join the fun--and one very determined cat goes on the chase!"--Publisher

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This book is a hoot! From the hilariously drawn dogs entertaining each other, to the stealth cat adorned in headband and suspicion, kids will love all of the questions and conversations you can solicit with them on each page. I loved that it was a counting book but also that children have the opportunity to count back from ten to one. The humor is subtle so adults will also enjoy this one and the pages are action-packed to keep even the youngest reader engaged. 10 out of 10! -Victoria

Bluey 5-minute stories. book cover

Bluey 5-minute stories.

jE Bluey
Picture Books

"Go swimming with BLUEY, spend the day with Bingo, play charades with Muffin, and more! This collection includes 6...stories with BLUEY and her family that are prefect for reading in a jiffy."--

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Even more Bluey! Ous! -Casey

The queen in the cave book cover

The queen in the cave

Júlia Sardà

jE Sarda
Picture Books, Fantasy, Adventure

Once upon a time there were three sisters: Franca, Carmela, and Tomasina. This is their story of adventure and discovery. A tale of hidden mysteries and new wonders, of finding a strange world beyond home and unlocking the secrets inside themselves.

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I cannot wait to share this ethereal long-form picture book at home. Look for this title on an upcoming list of great gift books! -Casey

Let's do everything and nothing book cover

Let's do everything and nothing

Kuo, Julia, author, illustrator.

jE Kuo
Picture Books

Illustrations and text celebrate the special moments--both big and small--that a caregiver and child share.

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Wombat said come in book cover

Wombat said come in

Deedy, Carmen Agra, author.

jE Deedy
Picture Books

"Safe in his burrow deep below the ground as Australian bushfires rage above, Wombat opens his home to five animals friends seeking shelter, in this heartwarming story about help in the time of trouble."--

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