She, he, they, me : For the sisters, misters, and binary resisters book cover

She, he, they, me : For the sisters, misters, and binary resisters

Robyn Ryle

Nonfiction, LGBTQ+

In this unusual, useful resource, sociology professor Ryle (Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration) explores the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, culture, and history in the form of a choose-your-own-adventure book. Each chapter presents a different aspect of a gender-based experience; as readers make their way through, they might choose to see what happens when one is born intersex or discovers they are nonbinary or transgender. Ryle defines such terms as compulsory heterosexuality and gender socialization, explaining why some people might not be accepting of deviations from the gender binary: "For some people, gender matters a lot. It is a system that they're deeply invested in, and a set of rules they believe everyone should follow, including children like you." Ryle explores various cultures' genders, discussing the South Asian third gender label hijra, the "sworn virgins" of the Balkans, and masculine archetypes of 18th-century America. She argues that a rigid binary gender system hurts everyone. Though the chapters are short, often about a page, together they form an expansive account of gender that reflects exhaustive research. With its unique format and accessible language, the text is perfect for readers of any age who are questioning their genders, generally curious about gender, or interested in better understanding a loved one's identity.

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A unique choose-your-own-adventure styled guide to the various genders. Choose a path to see what experiences one might have when identifying as a certain gender, taking into account variables such as race and culture. Fun and very informative. -Candice

Coping with gender dysphoria book cover

Coping with gender dysphoria

Ellen McGrody

616.8583 /McGrody
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

For transgender youth, the process of exploring gender can be exciting, but also difficult and painful. This book discusses the challenges of living with gender dysphoria, offering young adult readers resources and strategies for coping in different contexts: at home, at school, out in public, and in seeking medical care. Each chapter defines relevant terms, shares relatable anecdotes, and features easy-to-read informational sidebars, addressing the experiences and needs of youth with a variety of gender identities and social locations. Beyond merely helping them deal with transphobia, this book offers transgender teens support and advice for navigating life and thriving.

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Coming of age and dealing with sexuality can be a scary thing for anyone, but for those who are questioning their gender it can be a particularly stressful and frightening. This book aims to answer questions and clarify issues that might come up, as well as provide advice and tools for navigating certain situations. -Candice

The pride guide : a guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth book cover

The pride guide : a guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth

Jo Langford

306.76 /Langford
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

Jo Langford offers a complete guide to sexual and social development, safety, and health for LGBTQ youth and those who love and support them. Written from a practical perspective, the author explores the realities of teen sexuality, particularly that of trans teens, and provides guidance and understanding for parents and kids alike.

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A thoughtful, well-written, and comprehensive guide to all things LGBTQ+ that is aimed at young adults (but could be very useful for anyone). Covers an array of topics and is written from an educated and authoritative standpoint (author is a therapist and sex educator), but with heart and empathy. -Candice

A quick & easy guide to they/them pronouns book cover

A quick & easy guide to they/them pronouns

Archie Bongiovanni

425.55 /Bongiovanni
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+

"Archie, a snarky genderqueer artist, is tired of people not understanding gender-neutral pronouns. Tristan, a cisgender dude, is looking for an easy way to introduce gender-neutral pronouns to his increasingly diverse workplace. The longtime best friends team up in this short and fun comic guide that explains what pronouns are, why they matter, and how to use them. They also include what to do if you make a mistake, and some tips-and-tricks for those who identify outside of the binary to keep themselves safe in this binary-centric world." -- Publisher's description

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One thing that has come out of the new gender culture, and that affects many people, is the use of gender-neutral pronouns and gender-specific terms. This illustrated guide is both useful and important in that it helps to clarify the 'what' and the 'why' of the issue. -Candice

Becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child : a guide for parents and carers book cover

Becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child : a guide for parents and carers

Anna Bianchi

306.768 /Bianchi
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+

When Anna Bianchi's grandchild asked, "Nanny, you do know I'm a girl, don't you?", Anna recognised this as a pivotal, and daunting, moment in their relationship. She knew that to answer her grandchild, who had been assigned male at birth, her own attitudes, assumptions and beliefs about gender would need to be examined. With reassuring honesty and openness, Anna draws deeply on four areas: her own experience, current research, interviews with children and their families, and a discussion of power, both in society and between children and adults. She shows how the inner journey of the adult inevitably impacts on the outer journey of the child and, given the significance of this, offers a step-by-step guide to becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child.

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A sensitive and knowing look at how adults can arm themselves with information and understanding in order to help those they know who are nonconforming and/or questioning. -Candice

Trans like me : conversations for all of us book cover

Trans like me : conversations for all of us

C. N. Lester

306.768 /Lester
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+

A personal and culture-driven exploration of the most pressing questions facing the transgender community today, from a leading activist, musician, and academic. In Trans Like Me, CN Lester takes readers on a measured, thoughtful, intelligent yet approachable tour through the most important and high-profile narratives around the trans community, turning them inside out and examining where we really are in terms of progress. From the impact of the media's wording in covering trans people and issues, to the way parenting gender variant children is portrayed, Lester brings their charged personal narrative to every topic and expertly lays out the work left to be done. Trans Like Me explores the ways that we are all defined by ideas of gender--whether we live as he, she, or they--and how we can strive for authenticity in a world that forces limiting labels.

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A collection of essays that illuminate many of the issues faced by those in the trans community. Lester covers a variety of topics, often drawing on their own personal history as a nonbinary person to lend credence and subjectivity, in a way that is both informational and elucidating. -Candice

Gender : your guide : a gender-friendly primer on what to know, what to say, and what to do in the new gender culture book cover

Gender : your guide : a gender-friendly primer on what to know, what to say, and what to do in the new gender culture

Lee Airton

305.3 /Airton
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+

"The days of two genders--male, female; boy, girl; blue, pink--are over, if they ever existed at all. Gender is now a global conversation, and one that is constantly evolving. From the differences among gender identity, gender expression, and sex, to the use of gender-neutral pronouns like singular they/them, to thinking about your own participation in gender, Gender: Your Guide serves as a complete primer to all things gender. You will learn how gender works in everyday life, how to use accurate terminology to refer to transgender, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming individuals, and how to ask when you aren't sure what to do or say. It provides you with the information you need to talk confidently and compassionately about gender diversity, whether simply having a conversation or going to bat as an advocate"--

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Author Lee Airton is creator of the They Is My Pronoun website, which is a useful and friendly tool for learning about the use of gender-neutral pronouns (in particular, 'they'). Similarly, his book is a welcoming resource for those in the trans community, as well as those who want to educate themselves about it. Full of good, current information. -Candice

LGBTQ : the survival guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens book cover

LGBTQ : the survival guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens

Kelly Huegel

Nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

Huegel Madrone provides realistic advice for teens who are LGBTQ, questioning whether they might be, or are just interested in knowing more about LGBTQ history and rights. Also included are practical suggestions on dealing with homophobia; dating; creating a more accepting school environment; and reconciling your sexual/gender identity with cultural and religious beliefs.

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A well-rounded and up-to-date guide on all things LGBTQ for young adults. Useful for teens that identify as queer, as well as any reader who wants to explore and learn more about the topic. -Candice

Heroines book cover


Kate Zambreno

809.89287 /Zambreno
Literary Nonfiction, Nonfiction

I am beginning to realize that taking the self out of our essays is a form of repression. Taking the self out feels like obeying a gag order—pretending an objectivity where there is nothing objective about the experience of confronting and engaging with and swooning over literature.”—from Heroines On the last day of December, 2009 Kate Zambreno began a blog called Frances Farmer Is My Sister, arising from her obsession with the female modernists and her recent transplantation to Akron, Ohio, where her husband held a university job. Widely reposted, Zambreno's blog became an outlet for her highly informed and passionate rants about the fates of the modernist “wives and mistresses.” In her blog entries, Zambreno reclaimed the traditionally pathologized biographies of Vivienne Eliot, Jane Bowles, Jean Rhys, and Zelda Fitzgerald: writers and artists themselves who served as male writers' muses only to end their lives silenced, erased, and institutionalized. Over the course of two years, Frances Farmer Is My Sister helped create a community where today's “toxic girls” could devise a new feminist discourse, writing in the margins and developing an alternative canon. In Heroines, Zambreno extends the polemic begun on her blog into a dazzling, original work of literary scholarship. Combing theories that have dictated what literature should be and who is allowed to write it—from T. S. Eliot's New Criticism to the writings of such mid-century intellectuals as Elizabeth Hardwick and Mary McCarthy to the occasional “girl-on-girl crime” of the Second Wave of feminism—she traces the genesis of a cultural template that consistently exiles female experience to the realm of the “minor,” and diagnoses women for transgressing social bounds. “ANXIETY: When she experiences it, it's pathological,” writes Zambreno. “When he does, it's existential.” By advancing the Girl-As-Philosopher, Zambreno reinvents feminism for her generation while providing a model for a newly subjectivized criticism.

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If you have any interest in the lives and work of Modernist female authors (Virginia Woolf, Zelda Fitzgerald, Jean Rhys, Anais Nin...) do yourself a favor and pick up this book! Kate Zambreno, author of the novel Green Girl, creates a fascinating work of nonfiction by braiding personal narrative and historical research. She offers fascinating analysis on how feminine creativity has been conflated with mental illness both historically and today. -Heidi K

Who are you? : the kid's guide to gender identity book cover

Who are you? : the kid's guide to gender identity

Brook Pessin-Whedbee

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