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A young girl crouches with a net over a pond choked with grasses and lilypads.
by Anne W May 4, 2021

You’re probably familiar with crayfish and worms, but did you know there are over 320 other species of macroinvertebrates living in Iowa’s...

by Alyssa April 26, 2021

Try out our new MyICPL app! You won't find it in the app store - visit to install it.

by Elsworth April 23, 2021

Are you a strong advocate for the Iowa City Public Library?  Would you like to be involved in the governance of ICPL?   

by Shawna April 13, 2021

Before the pandemic, one of the best parts about the Iowa City Public Library Bookmobile was its ability to bring the magic of discovery...

by Jason April 7, 2021

This award-winning language-learning platform engages learners of all levels with specific methodology and...

by Manny April 5, 2021

    If you want to learn about how to access any of the Library's services or resources, register to learn more...

by Jason April 4, 2021

Residents now have access to The Washington Post website with your library card.

by Elsworth March 23, 2021

After having the building closed for just over a year, we are ready to open the doors for in-person browsing and other onsite use.  As we...

by Manny March 23, 2021

ICPL Bookmobile’s stops CANCELLED on the afternoon of March 23 and all-day March 24th   Due to mechanical problems,  ICPL Bookmobile’s...