Organizing for the rest of us : 100 realistic strategies to keep any house under control book cover

Organizing for the rest of us : 100 realistic strategies to keep any house under control

Dana (Dana K.) White

648.5 /White

"So you want to keep your kitchen counter clean but you aren't ready to toss the toaster? You want to be able to find your kids' socks but aren't looking to spend your 401(k) on clear bins? You long for a little more peace but minimalism isn't sparking joy? Decluttering expert and self-proclaimed recovering slob Dana K. White offers sustainable ideas to simplify and manage your home in Organizing for the Rest of Us." --

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As someone who enjoys cleaning and organizing my home (just don't look at my work desk), I was surprised how much I got out of this book! I also got some gratification from reading some things that I already use as a rule. Mainly I would recommend this book for people who struggle to keep their home clutter-free, clean and organized because she really does offer very practical and useful tips that everyone can follow. -Mari

At home : a short history of private life book cover

At home : a short history of private life

Bill Bryson

643.1 /Bryson
Humor, Home

Bryson (A Short History of Nearly Everything) takes readers on a tour of his house, a rural English parsonage, showing how each room has figured in the evolution of private life.

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Mending life : a handbook for repairing clothes and hearts book cover

Mending life : a handbook for repairing clothes and hearts

Nina Montenegro

646.6 /Montenegro
Crafts, Home

The act of mending strengthens not only the object we are repairing, but ourselves as well. The Montenegros encourage us to cherish our things by repairing them rather than discarding them. By changing our consumption habits, small mends here and there will extend the life of our garments and other household items. They introduce basic techniques such as patching, but will have options to take it a step further with decorative sashiko stitching. You'll also learn how to darn socks and mend sweaters, bedsheets, and down jackets. -- abridged from information provided

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Everything about this title is thoughtfully done. I'm looking forward to spending some time with a few beloved garments during this re-read. -Casey

Clean my space : the secret to cleaning better, faster--and loving your home every day book cover

Clean my space : the secret to cleaning better, faster--and loving your home every day

Melissa Maker

Nonfiction, Home

In her long-awaited debut book, she shares her revolutionary 3-step solution: • Identify the most important areas (MIAs) in your home that need attention • Select the proper products, tools, and techniques (PTT) for the job • Implement these new cleaning routines so that they stick Clean My Space takes the chore out of cleaning with Melissa's incredible tips and cleaning hacks (the power of pretreating!) her lightning fast 5-10 minute "express clean" routines for every room when time is tightest, and her techniques for cleaning even the most daunting places and spaces. And a big bonus: Melissa gives guidance on the best non-toxic, eco-conscious cleaning products and offers natural cleaning solution recipes you can make at home using essential oils to soothe and refresh. With Melissa's simple groundbreaking method you can truly live in a cleaner, more cheerful, and calming home all the time.

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Unf*ck your habitat : You're Better Than Your Mess book cover

Unf*ck your habitat : You're Better Than Your Mess

Rachel Hoffman

Nonfiction, Home

Whatever your habitat, you deserve one that brings you happiness, not stress. Interspersed with lists and challenges, this practical, no-nonsense housekeeping and organization guide will help listeners take control of the mess in their homes.

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The sweet spot : how to find your groove at home and work book cover

The sweet spot : how to find your groove at home and work

Christine Carter

Nonfiction, Home

"Feel like you're on a treadmill that won't stop? Learn to step off and hit your stride. Not long ago Christine Carter, happiness expert at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, speaker, writer, and mother, found herself caught up in the busyness of modern life: too many conflicting obligations and not enough time, energy, or patience to get everything done. She tried all the standard techniques--prioritizing, multitasking, delegating--but found that she needed a new approach, one that would allow her to live more in that zone we've all glimpsed but can never seem to hold on to: the sweet spot of expertise, efficiency, and ease. Drawing on her vast knowledge of the latest psychological, neurological, and biological science related to happiness, productivity, and elite performance, Carter put herself through the practical paces. Her goal was not to live a stress-free life, but rather to build stress resilience and find a quicker path to calm and confidence. Her trials and errors are our reward. In The Sweet Spot, Carter shares what she calls "the sweet spot equation," a combination of strategies and practices for attaining happiness without giving up success, and for achieving success without compromising happiness. Using a simple formula, The Sweet Spot shows us how to take a brief recess, an inoculation against "The Overwhelm" and the key to converting stress into productive and creative energy institute daily micro-habits that free you up to focus on and enjoy more important things unplug from seemingly time-saving gadgets that can sap our strength, and use technology more strategically prioritize our relationships, making use of the hard science that points out how healthy connections help us thrive. cultivate tolerance for a little discomfort while we build mastery (the skills that make hard things feel easy) and develop the grit to bounce back from life's inevitable setbacks Complete with practical "easiest thing" tips for instant relief as well as stories from Carter's own experience of putting The Sweet Spot into action, this timely and inspiring book lets us in on the possibilities for joy and freedom that comes when we stop trying to do everything right--and start doing the right things"--

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The herbal handbook for home & health : 501 recipes for healthy living, green cleaning & natural beauty book cover

The herbal handbook for home & health : 501 recipes for healthy living, green cleaning & natural beauty

Pip Waller

615.321 /Waller
Gardening, Health, Home

"Make your own stain removers, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, window & glass cleaner, room freshener, furniture polish, oven cleaner, throat lozenges, cough medicine, mouthwash, toothpaste, pet supplies, insect repellent, cordials, wines, syrups, teas, baked goods, soap, lip balm, mascara, shaving cream, facial masks, body sprays"--Cover.

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Habitat : the field guide to decorating book cover

Habitat : the field guide to decorating

Lauren Liess

747 /Liess
Nonfiction, Home

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Lauren Liess’ Habitat uses nature as inspiration in home design. Her rooms are sophisticated, but also simple, comfortable, and achievable. Habitat works through explaining the basics of interior design, offering advice on lighting, color combinations, and accessories. -Anne M

Elements of style : designing a home and a life book cover

Elements of style : designing a home and a life

Erin T Gates

747 /Gates
Nonfiction, Home

"From the star blogger and designer Erin Gates, Elements of Style is a fresh, approchable interior design book that shows how designing a home is also a method of personal expression and self-discovery. Drawing on her 10 years of experience running her own design firm, Erin combines practical, honest design advice and gorgeous professional photographs and illustrations with personal essays about lessons she has learned while designing her own home and her own life--the first being: none of our homes or lives are perfect. She reveals the disasters she confronted in her own kitchen renovation, her struggles with anorexia, her epic fight with her husband over a plexiglass table, and her secrets for starting a successful blog. Organized by rooms in the home, Elements of Style is brimming with design inspiration and ideas as well as advice on practical matters like choosing kitchen counter materials, dressing a bed with pillows, hanging a curtain rod, and decorating a nursery without using pink or blue. The book also contains a Foreword by Erin's husband, Andrew, and an extensive Resource Guide"--

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Need to surround yourself with a little more glamor? The Elements of Style by Erin Gates is your best bet. This book shows off Gates’ personality from beautiful, dramatic dining rooms to elegant, yet serene bedrooms. If you are interested in adding bold prints and lush rugs to your abode, this book is for you. -Anne M

English decoration : timeless inspiration for the contemporary home book cover

English decoration : timeless inspiration for the contemporary home

Ben Pentreath

747.0942 /Pentreath
Nonfiction, Home

In English Decoration, London-based architectural and interior designer Ben Pentreath presents a major new survey of the best of the English style. Eighteen homes, many of which have never been previously photographed, provide the source material for his wide-ranging investigation of this classic look. The houses include Ben's own homes in London and West Dorset, alongside those of Earls and artists, writers and architects, book designers and gardeners. The book is arranged room by room and Entrance Halls, Living Rooms, Kitchens and Dining Rooms, Bedrooms and Bathrooms are considered in turn, together with simple Rooms of Utility and spectacular Rooms of Display. The book begins with an essay on the English style in decoration and ends with a style directory, helping you to achieve the look wherever you live.

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Perhaps you would prefer to go traditional? For this, check out Ben Pentreath’s English Decoration, inspired by British manor houses and country cottages. Some of Pentreath’s work isn’t practical for us Iowans; there is an entire chapter on “Rooms of Display.” Nonetheless, there are some beautiful color combinations and intriguing room arrangements -Anne M